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Peter Peter is a lifestyle and casual local backpack design in Hong Kong.

About Peter Peter

Seeking Freedom and Adventure: The Story of a Peter Peter Nylon Backpack Brand


The story of Peter Peter nylon backpack brand began 2014 during an adventurous journey. The founder, a passionate backpacker, discovered a lack of durable and versatile backpacks in the market at that time. He began designing and manufacturing his own backpacks, choosing nylon as the preferred material due to its excellent durability and lightweight nature, making it suitable for various outdoor environments.


The values and business philosophy of Peter Peter nylon backpack brand can be summarised in two key words: freedom and adventure. The brand believes that freedom is a spirit, a powerful force that drives brave pursuit of dreams and breaking out of comfort zones. They deeply understand the value of adventure and believe that everyone should have the opportunity to experience the wonders of life, which they incorporate into their products.


This brand often leads trends in the design and innovation of nylon backpacks. They constantly collaborate with adventurers, photographers, and explorers, drawing inspiration from their practical needs and infusing creativity into each product. Their backpacks are multifunctional, durable, and comfortable, undergoing rigorous testing and quality control to ensure they can withstand extreme environments and long-term use.


Peter Peter is committed not only to providing high-quality products but also to caring for social and environmental sustainability. They establish long-term partnerships with suppliers to ensure their products meet environmental standards. Additionally, they actively engage in social welfare activities, supporting the conservation of natural environments and promoting outdoor adventure culture.




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